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Sunday School

Winter Quarter: December 02, 2018 - February 24, 2019
Birth - 2yrs Volunteers;
Heather Kunz-Director
Nursery - MF
3yrs (potty trained) - K Ruth Ann Skingley MF - 3
1st Grade - 3rd Grade Jenny Fulton, Margaret Holthaus MF - 2
4th - 8th grade Twila Fieker, Mark Robinson MF - 7
Adults, James      Dave Neighbors   B - 3
Adults, Genesis Charlie Schatte MF - 8

Birth - 2yrs. Volunteers; Heather Kunz-Director Nursery - MF
Wee Worship
3yrs (potty trained) - K

 Katie Gross

1st-3rd grades, The Bible Timeline
Pat Gunning

4th - 8th grades Mike & Wanda Head MF-7
Adults, "That the World May Know" Volume 16, "Cultures in Conflict: Paul Proclaims Jesus as Lord--Part 2" Howard Gunning MF-8


What does that mean?  Well, we are a non-denominational church, so everyone is welcome; we have two services with the same message by Pastor Mark, one @ 9am with a more contemporary atmosphere with contemporary music and one @10:30am with a more traditional, hymn-based music atmosphere; we are a very casual church, so you are welcome to come in khakis, polo shirts, jeans, capris, and not necessarily a suit & tie, basically what you are comfortable wearing; we love our 20 minute fellowship time in between the 2 services, where we catch up with each other while having a cup of coffee or juice and a cookie or donut.  We want to meet you, so don't be too thrown off guard if you have people who want to introduce themselves and shake your hand; we love our community & our church. 
Won't you come & join us?  We would love for you to.


M.O.P.S. ...
The  2nd Tuesday of the month, August 14th, 2018 - May 8th , 2019


Weekday Bible Studies...

Starting 9/8 @8am, Nancy Vossel and Katie Gross will be leading "The Discipline of Grace" by Jerry Bridges. This is a Saturday morning study that will  run into December. 

Starting 9/27, Jan Neighbors will be leading "God of Creation” by Jen Wilken.  This is a Thursday morning study,9-11am, running for 10 weeks.

Men & Women...
Thurs night Bible Study: "That the World May Know", @7:00pm (Has finished for the year, will start again after the holidays)
Please join us and call the office for details.

Highland Community Church  - Highland IL - 618-654-5751