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Welcome to Highland Community Church Online     

We hope that your time with us is a real benefit to your walk with God. God wants us to celebrate and worship with gladness. But He also understands that our lives are so full of issues that what we need more than anything is a time of peace and hope. Whatever your needs are today, we pray that God will meet those needs through your time with us at HCC. If there is any way that we can help you in your walk with God, please do not hesitate to talk to us.

Sunday Service Times &
Sunday School...

9:00 am First Worship Service - Contemporary Music; Sunday School Classes; Wee Worship; Nursery

10:30 am Second Worship Service – Blended Music; Sunday School Classes; Wee Worship; Nursery

Communion is given on the 1st Sunday of each month.


 Prayer Group on Tuesday nights @7:00pm

Prayer Focus
(Week of 01/13/2019)...

Missionary of the Week:
Ralph & Lila Bauer, retired from TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission)

Sunday School Missionaries for the month of January:
Chase & Lynzey Walker, Campus Outreach

HCC Elder of the Week:
Larry Vossel & wife Nancy

HCC Member of the Week:
Gary & Donna Horstmann

HCC College Student of the Week:
Elaine Herman



VIP (Valuable Intercession Principle)...

January VIP (Valuable Intercession Principle) is Hope…
Pray that our Church Family might grow in their vision of what God is doing and, as a result, has confidence in God.  Pray that people would trust God's sovereignty.  Pray that people would believe that God knows the best for our future.  Pray that people would be filled with anticipation of what God has in store for them during 2019.  Hope needs to be based on faith.  Pray that people from HCC would believe that in spite of world events and cultural chaos, God is still on the throne and is still able to exceed abundantly beyond all we ask or think.  Pray that people would have hope in other people.  Pray that people would understand that hope is contagious.  Pray that our congregation might be positive, optimistic, and visionary - because they serve a great God and there are great prospects when God's people follow Him.