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Welcome to Highland Community Church Online

We hope that your time with us is a real benefit to your walk with God. God wants us to celebrate and worship with gladness. But He also understands that our lives are so full of issues that what we need more than anything is a time of peace and hope. Whatever your needs are today, we pray that God will meet those needs through your time with us at HCC. If there is any way that we can help you in your walk with God, please do not hesitate to talk to us.

Sunday Service Times &
     Sunday School...


9:00 am First Worship Service - Contemporary Music; Sunday School Classes; Nursery

10:30 am Second Worship Service – Blended Music; Sunday School Classes; Wee Worship; Nursery

5th Sunday - On the 5th Sunday of the month, there will be one Sunday Service at 10:30am, Wee Worship; Nursery;  NO Sunday Schools

6:00 pm Adult Sunday Bible Study


Prayer Focus (Week of 04/13/2014)...

Missionary of the week:
Clay & Bev Strom, Wycliffe Bible Translators

Sunday school missionary for the month of March:
Don & Deanne Closson, Center of Church Based Training (CCBT)

HCC Elder of The Week:
Jeff Grawe & wife Jodie

HCC Family of The Week:
Ray & Dorthy Camp

HCC College Student of The Week:
Derek Sallee




Worship Times - Highland Community Church  - Highland IL - 618-654-5751
 Sunday School - Highland Community Church - highland IL - 618-654-5751
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VIP (Valuable Intercession Principle)

April VIP (Valuable Intercession Principle) is The Bible:  Pray that our congregation continues to be “People of the Book”.  Pray that our people love, read, and study God’s Word.  Pray that they use the wisdom in God’s Word to guide their decisions and that they use it to define their attitudes.  Pray that HCC remains true to the Bible as God’s source for what we believe.  Pray that we respect and honor the Bible as the actual message of God, not just the guidebook for our church.  Pray that our pastors and teachers will study hard so that they can accurately teach the Word of God.  Pray that our people will hunger for the Word.